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Why your businesses need an “AV Systems” solution?

AV systems have wide applications in your day to day business activities. It is almost an inevitable part of healthy communication between different stakeholders of your business landscape. Applications in AV system have evolved from this fundamental aspect to that of provisioning a great ambience for enhanced on-premise customer experience. Sometimes, the right music is what delivers the right environment to your customers and their decision making.

What is an “AV Systems” solution?

A professionally deployed AV system means: installation of AV component in a highly organized manner without disturbing the aesthetics of your interior space, integrated control over the entire system, and most importantly efficient sound management without affection your office atmosphere.

What we offer in “AV Systems” solution?


In many Hotels and Public Buildings Background music is piped through the public areas to provide a pleasant atmosphere. In addition it is often a requirement for the reception staff to be able to page over this system to a particular area or combination of areas. A public address system (PA system) is an audio transmission system used in buildings, most commonly seen in schools, airports, airplanes, drive-thru at fast food chains and hospitals. It is often used to read announcements or to declare a state of emergency. A BGM based PA system provides the user to broadcast music to all zones.

INTERDEV can provide single and multiple zone systems together with multiple input music sources either centrally or locally located as required. Sources can then serve loudspeaker units which will be selected dependant on level and quality requirements for each area.

To enable us to provide these services we have access to and knowledge of the majority of manufactured equipment available around the world and can therefore provide comprehensive and cost effective solutions


INTERDEV Systems provides complete four wired video audio intercom solutions based on your requirements. Our dedicated team of engineers can design a system which is best applicable for your premises like high rise residence building, luxury Villa, etc. Our products are security enabled with live display with user friendly operation. We have systems depending on the application such as for 2 door 2 intercom stations to 2 door 100 intercom stations and so on. Our systems are flexible they can be altered for adding more slave stations. We provide Audio intercom, Video intercom, Intercom with door lock and security features, Intercom solution for high rise buildings, Direct Phone intercom system which can take calls directly


Satellite television channels/ terrestrial channels / pay TV channels can be received and distributed to the clients using the latest state-of-the-art systems. With a dish farm and head-end station and fiber / copper infrastructure, INTERDEV Systems will be able to provide almost all the terrestrial, satellite and pay channels available in the region to the client, be it a wide community residential township or a high rise building or a commercial complex.

Satellite television channels can be provided for entertainment and news and business channels for an update on the recent events. With a dish farm and head-end station, INTERDEV Systems will be able to provide almost all the terrestrial and paid channels available in the region. The Client can provide to the tenants, all the free to air channels available in the region. Provision for pay channels can also be provided. INTERDEV Systems can provide Orbit, Showtime, First Net, Al Awael, PEHLA, and E-Vision channels

INTERDEV provides latest technology solutions for reception and distribution of broadcast channels. With a dish farm and head-end station and fibre / copper infrastructure, INTERDEV Systems provides almost all broadcast channels available in the region to the client, from a wide community residential township to a high rise building or a commercial complex


INTERDEV provides the most up-to-date in Audio Visual Communications and Integrated Systems including Boardroom, Conference Room, and Training presentation solutions. We work with the highly respected manufacturers in the industry providing top quality products and systems for media presentation solutions. From high-resolution LCD to DLP ceiling-mounted projector to table-flush microphones for audio conferencing, we work closely with you from concept to completion to meet your most challenging requirements.

Our Ultra short throw distance to minimize glare especially for education usage. These projectors are ideal for education, training, corporate applications, and a range of other uses. Designed to add flexibility to classroom and business presentations, they achieve large-screen projection from very short distances, thanks to an ultra powerful short-throw lens. This solves typical problems such as the presenter being distracted by the projected light, or blocking it during his or her presentation. These powerful projectors also deliver installation flexibility with an optical zoom and lens shift capability. This greatly reduces the time and hassle of fine-tuning the image position without having to physically move the projector or sacrifice image quality.


A business phone system is the key to any company's ability to communicate with the outside world. Purchasing business phones is a decision that must be taken very seriously; mistakes can be very costly in terms of actual and company performance. Almost all simple business phone systems provide basic features such as voicemail and speakerphone.

Basic telephone systems may be appropriate for small offices with less than 10 employees. A vendor can offer up phone quotes for your system of choice with additional features that can help your business: automated attendant, on-hold messaging, conferencing calling, automatic call distribution, and computer telephony integration. For bigger offices and call centers, powerful multi-line phone solutions like Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems provide several features for the business. You can also program PBX systems for different implementations and the technology can expand as your company grows.We are providing phone systems that take your current and future capacity needs into consideration.

change your world with interdev

INTERDEV AV Systems is Dubai’s most established Systems Integrator and an unparalleled leader in emerging technology. We specialize in collating technically advanced audio visual & IT systems and are proud of our record of being consistent in achieving excellence over the years through state-of-the-art solutions. We make sure to hire the best, specialist talent in the industry to work on these solutions and deliver unparalleled results every time.

Our strengths lie in our sound technical know-how and well-rounded expertise, and we apply these competencies to deliver excellence in Audio Video & IT Solutions that are technically superior, user-friendly and commercially viable. Most important of all, we always care to future proof our clients for technology trends.Empower your organisation with our cutting-edge technology and solutions for flawless interactivity with your audience

We are specialist AV integrator providing clients with professional solutions to meet their needs. Our experience creates a customized system, for our clients, that best meets their current requirements and fits with the plans for the future.

Backed by technical skills, supplier partnerships and project management expertise, INTERDEV Technologies brings a unique breadth of experience to each project. Once requirements and budgets are established, we will design a creative cost effective solution that provides the best possible fit for your current and future needs. We build systems that allow you to focus on conducting business, rather than being bogged down by technology

  • Collaborate - consult with professionals to determine the right solution to fit your needs
  • Connect - integrate efforts across multiple communication platforms and devices
  • Simplify - easily operate and maintain systems with comprehensive training and support


The audiovisual (AV) technology in your office space has the power to transform your business. Many companies have turned to AV solution providers to take their processes and connectivity to the next level with the latest functionality and features. As with all technology, however, eventually certain aspects will become outdated or obsolete. A technology refresh—as part of a planned cycle for evaluating and replacing key components of your AV infrastructure—is an essential consideration, allowing companies to audit existing infrastructure while actively working toward improvements and maintenance. As the name implies, refreshing technology systems maintains an invigorated and healthy environment. Employees and guests will appreciate a better user experience, allowing for better collaboration and information sharing.

Better, Cleaner Functionality

At a basic level, a refresh simply expands the capabilities of an infrastructure by offering a range of newer components and features. A total refresh can also present an opportunity to introduce better interconnectivity, establish unified management functionality across various AV systems and allow for easier upgrades.

Cost-efficiency Through Effectiveness

New AV systems are much more efficient than previous generations. Technology is easier to install, often more compact and available at lower prices. Power consumption is another area that has improved. Passive standby for LCD TVs, for example, has been on the decline; depending on the scale of your infrastructure, bringing in the latest, less power-hungry technology could end up saving money in the long run. Accounting for the cost of new equipment—as well as the opportunity costs and losses incurred due to inefficiency, power consumption and maintenance requirements for old equipment—Can often make the case for a refresh on its own.

CThe Latest Innovative Solutions

If your AV equipment is several years old, are you truly taking advantage of the latest possibilities for your business needs? LCDs and LEDs are getting lighter, brighter and cheaper. Collaborative technology for white boarding and wireless sharing offers expanded capabilities, including video and audio conferencing without a PC. The next great solution for your company’s collaboration requirements may already exist. Much of the value in a refresh is in revisiting all your present business challenges and determining if replacing old technology can make for a better user experience while reducing the complexity of your environment. Is your company overdue for a technology refresh? Not knowing could be a problem in and of itself; organizations should have a defined plan in place for assessing and updating infrastructure as needs change and technology evolves to better accommodate them. Assessing AV infrastructure can be overwhelming for non-experts, which is why companies across industries rely on INTERDEV’s team of qualified engineers to provide subject matter expertise and build audiovisual solutions tailored to resolve their IT pain points.