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Why your business needs “Next Generation Firewall” solution?

With dozens to thousands of cyber attacks happening per day, your network is open to major threats on a day to day basis. Networks have to be reinforced in effective means to defend itself from and head off increasingly malicious cyber threats. And the capabilities of the traditional firewalls are limited to scan and control on the basis of packet information available between layers 2 and 4. This demands more powerful and flexible security architectures like “Next Generation Firewall”. “Next Generation Firewalls” allow organizations to achieve network transparency, reduce vulnerabilities, and conserve network performance.

What is a “Next Generation Firewall” solution?

A “Next Generation Firewall” essentially upgrades your traditional firewall. Addition of Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and application awareness (protection against layer 7 attacks) are the vital parts of this solution. The “Next Generation Firewall” also includes functionalities such as:

  • TSL//SSL Termination
  • Deep-packet and malware detection
  • Broader and formidable breach detection system

Deployment of “Next Generation Firewalls” such as active-active clustering will strengthen a defined uninterrupted operation and enables business continuity. This will considerably avoid network downtime. “Next Generation Firewall” also makes possible the provision of continuous system modules (node-by-node) during emergency maintenance.

evolution of next generation firewall's?

Improved detection of encrypted applications and intrusion prevention service. Modern threats like web-based malware attacks, targeted attacks, application-layer attacks, and more have had a significantly negative effect on the threat landscape. In fact, more than 80% of all new malware and intrusion attempts are exploiting weaknesses in applications, as opposed to weaknesses in networking components and services.Stateful firewalls with simple packet filtering capabilities were efficient blocking unwanted applications as most applications met the port-protocol expectations. Administrators could promptly prevent an unsafe application from being accessed by users by blocking the associated ports and protocols.

But today, blocking a web application like Farmville that uses port 80 by closing the port would also mean complications with the entire HTTP protocol.Protection based on ports, protocols, IP addresses is no more reliable and viable. This has led to the development of identity-based security approach, which takes organizations a step ahead of conventional security appliances which bind security to IP-addresses.NGFWs offer administrators a deeper awareness of and control over individual applications, along with deeper inspection capabilities by the firewall. Administrators can create very granular "allow/deny" rules for controlling use of websites and applications in the network.

What we offer in “Next Generation Firewall” solutions?

Application identification, application control, and the finest threat prevention are the major offerings in this solution:

1. application identification

Uses multiple identification mechanisms to determine the exact identity of applications crossing the network and helps accurate traffic classification

2. application control

Enables you to create application-based firewall policy, to help regain full control over application traffic by managing bandwidth

3. threat prevention

Scanning of “allowed” application traffic for threats without limiting it to a only defined type of threats such as viruses or exploits

4. All-in-one functionality

Next-generation firewalls bundle traditional firewall functionality with intrusion prevention, antivirus and protocol filtering

5. Greater visibility and control

The devices offer granular control by IP address and user for web-based applications and content, as well as legacy apps and content.

Why your business needs “Anti-virus & Anti-Spam” solution?

With the increasing number of cybercrimes every day, your network is prone to threat from viruses. An appropriate anti-virus solution will restrict attackers to commit fraud, cause widespread damage, or just experience the rush of breaking into a computer.It is quite difficult to experience the flooding of the unwanted and potentially harmful spam. Going through spam e-mail to determine what’s important and what can be discarded is time-consuming and poise a vital security risk as well. An anti-spam solution helps to solve this trouble.

What we offer in “Next Generation Firewall” solutions?

Anti-virus solutions offer protection against viruses, trojan horses, and other invaders that affects your computer. These viruses and worms are likely to cause malicious acts such as deleting files, accessing personal data etc. And the anti-spam solution offers prevention against unwanted or malicious e-mails in your inboxes.

What we offer in “Anti-virus & Anti-Spam” solution?

1. anti virus software

  • Software programs that prevents against computer viruses and other attacks that threatens your system

2. Rootkit protection

  • Prevents rootkits, which are imbedded deep inside a computer in order to mask other malware, from establishing in a computer

3. BOT protection

  • Alerts a subscriber when a cybercriminal is attempting to remotely take over a computer, to use as a source for automatic spamming and other crimes

4. Worm protection

  • Worms carrying payloads of malwares are effectively treated with strong protection

5. Trojan protection

  • Alerts the user when malware is detected within a trojan horse file

6. Spyware

  • Detects when a computer has been infected with spyware, or software that aims to collect data of usage or steal information

7. Messaging protection

  • Warns users when the messages contain dangerous attachments or fraudulent links

8. Spam blocking

  • Blocks specific e-mail addresses and searches for subject lines and texts to identify the malicious nature of the e-mail

9. Quarantining spam

  • Automatically quarantine the spam emails, ensuring your inbox is spam free

10. Automatic filter updates

  • Automatic filter update feature for timely detection of new types of malware threats

11. Monitoring multiple accounts

  • Monitors and filters spam from multiple accounts and also enables filtration of home email from work email, and vice versa

Why your business needs “E-mail Security” solution

Hackers often use e-mails as an easy way to infect malware by means of deceptive spams. They try to convince the users to click-open the attachments or links in these spam e-mails; users will be directed to malicious websites or open malicious documents; hackers thus able to install malwares from backend on to user’s system. This will gain hackers access to user’s network causing data stealing and security breach. An Email security solution is highly effective to solve this problem.

What is an “E-mail Security” solution?

The e-mail security solution essentially involves securing your user inboxes, protection from spear-phishing, and managing graymail. However, the e-mail security solution is often deployed as a single unified solution that includes: anti-spam & anti-virus protection, data leak prevention, URL re-writing, impersonation protection, malware blocking, internal monitoring, and graymail control for emails. A team of skilled intelligence experts with the support of advanced e-mail security technology can ensure than your system remain protected against the latest threats.

What we offer in “E-mail Security” solution?

Our e-mail security solution is a comprehensive operations package that includes the following:

1. Defense against spear-phishing and other advanced threats

2. Spam & viruses blocking

3. Employee protection against social engineering and impersonation attacks

4. Neutralizes threats from malware attachments and poisoned URLs

5. Removal of graymail burden for end-users

6. Enabling of automated email encryption and secure message delivery

7. Enhanced user-experience through Microsoft Outlook tab

8. Improved security awareness among users

9. Elimination of need for managing email security software and hardware

10. Detection and blockage of attacks from both external and internal threat actors

11. Leveraging of cloud for availability of most current e-mail security protection

Why your business needs “Intrusion Detection & Prevention” solution?

Advanced levels of persistent threats are common these days. Malicious hackers try to hack in to your system and manipulate the user records to gain access whenever they want. Intrusion detection and prevention solutions address this vital threat.

What is an “Intrusion Detection & Prevention” solution?

An intrusion detection system is capable of monitoring network traffic and raise alerts when suspicious activities are discovered. Though detection and reporting of suspicious activities is the primary function, some intrusion detection systems have the ability to take necessary actions when a malicious activity or anomalous traffic is detected. Intrusion detections systems are also prone to false alarms if they are not properly configured. Organizations, at the time of installations, need to configure their intrusion detection systems to recognize what normal traffic on their network looks like in comparison to a potential malicious activity.

What we offer in “Intrusion Detection Systems” solution?

These are list of our offerings in “Intrusion Detection Systems” solution:

1. Consistent monitoring of routers, firewalls, key management servers and files

2. Provision of features for administrators to tune,relevant operating system audit trails other logs

3. A user-friendly interface for non-expert staff members who can support management of system security

4. An extensive attack signature database against which information from the system can be matched

5. Recognizing and reporting data file alterations

6. Alarm generation and timely notifications to inform that security has been breached

7. Reaction to intrusions by blocking

Why your business needs “E-mail Backup” solution?

As one of the most vital means of global communication, e-mails are ever growing in terms of volume. However, information sent by e-mail doesn’t have a specific storage other than the mailboxes of the users. This is a serious threat from a data loss perspective. On top of this challenges posed by compliance requirements such as HIPAA and FERPA also complicates this problem. With an appropriate “Email Backup” solution, you will be able to address this issue.

What is an “E-mail Backup” solution?

An ideal e-mail backup solution includes predominantly two parts: server-side e-mail archiving and client-side e-mail archiving. The server-side e-mail archiving is a centralized and automated archiving that functions independently of an end-user. This format is quite popular for archiving different types of mailboxes such as Exchange, Office 365, IMAP and Gmail. The client-side e-mail archiving shall be setup by the user himself. Here, user is in-charge of the process. It offers you to choose between on-premises solution and cloud solution, once you have identified the e-mail archiving that your system demands. The client-side archiving process is mostly used in connection with a POP3 mailbox.

What we offer in “E-mail Backup” solution?

Our e-mail backup solution offers the following benefits:

1. Regulatory compliance

  • Businesses in regulated industries have a growing list of regulations and other e-discovery requirements they have to take into account when managing their emails

2. Protection against data loss

3. Elimination of mailbox quotas

4. Independence

  • Companies remain independent from the mail server or their email service provider

5. Increased efficiency and productivity

6. Long-term solution for PST files

7. Added advantages

  • Rapid full-text search via email
  • Multiple types of file attachments
  • Options to retrieve emails from archives via Outlook add-in
  • Options to retain usual folder structure and operate archives intuitively

Why your business needs “Data Storage/Backup” solution?

You might have already acknowledged how important data will be for the future of your business. Business organizations are already experiencing this shift to “data economy” and the applications of “data-analytics” in their day to day business activity. Keeping the big picture aside, the need of a data storage solution goes without any explanation. In the context of increasing malicious hackers, ransomwares, hardware failures and even physical disasters; you need a brilliant strategy to preserve your data. An ideal “Data Storage/Backup” solution is a fine investment for your future in this regard.

What is a “Data Storage/Backup” solution?

A data backup solution essentially creates the copy of data which can be retrieved in the event of primary data failure. Data is stored on a separate medium such as a disk storage system, cloud storage container, and tape drives. The location of the alternate medium can be in the same location as the primary data or at a remote location. A best practice would be the consistent backing up process on regular intervals; this will minimize the risk of data loss between backups. And the retention of multiple copies of data offers the flexibility and insurance to restore to a point in time where it is not affected by data corruption or malicious attacks.

What we offer in “Data Storage/Backup” solution?

1. Back up, recovery and de- duplication

2. Disk based image back up

3. Data retention and utilization planning

4. NAS/Centralized Storage Management

5. Remote back ups

6. Disaster recovery

7. Data recovery services