remote monitoring services

What is “Remote Monitoring and Support Service”?

A remote monitoring and support service ensures an enhanced “Managed Service” for your IT service providers. Such remote monitoring and management services let your IT service providers to monitor your system remotely and proactively through the remote monitoring software.

Loaded to client’s business environment, these tools gather information in real time about the IT infrastructure and applications in the client’s location and track activity logs so as to resolve any potential or existing issues.Our remote monitoring UAE solutions are designed to enhance the overall performance of present technical support staff so clients can easily solve problems, diversify business, and deliver great service and delight customers.


It’s the age of technology, and no longer do organizations need to set individual thresholds or manage time-consuming maintenance. With years of experience, we have learned to determine the rules required to fix problems faced by organizations and improve operational efficiency. Significant work hours are lost when employees spend time on activities other than work. However, with a remote monitoring solution, you can easily monitor employee activities and keep an eye on them. With a proactive approach, we remotely monitor your IT infrastructure, including mobile, computers, servers, printers, and network devices, and get real-time updates that are analyzed by our expert team of technicians. INTERDEV’s remote monitoring Dubai solution is designed to improve your productivity and efficiency while monitoring mission critical network components.

With access to enterprise class technology, organizations can more easily monitor their IT operations, identify, report, and resolve critical issues in real time and keep business optimized with ongoing maintenance. As a comprehensive all-in-one solution, INTERDEV empowers businesses to support their internal, external staff and clients faster and more efficiently than ever before.Our remote monitoring and management services ensure that clients enjoy the following benefits:

1. Access to skilled resource pool

2. Reduced hassle of proactive maintenance and monitoring

3. Focus on core functionalities rather than worry about IT maintenance

4. No worrying about troubleshooting, and maintain servers and mobile devices

5. Deliver unparalleled services & Reduced Operational,Maintenance Cost

What we offer in “Remote Monitoring and Support” Service?

Our efforts to enhance the proactive management of your IT services is carefully achieved through “Remote Monitoring and Support” and it bring you many essential features:

1. Less necessary maintenance

2. Reduced downtime

3. Enhanced security

4. More productivity

5. Helps maintain client systems and keep them up to date

6. Helps track issues and resolve them remotely by generating tickets.

7. Helps resolve issues even before clients notice them

8. Helps remotely install software and updates using unified dashboard

9. Helps administer tasks simultaneously to many systems at once from a remote location

10. Helps automate scheduled maintenance tasks at clients' locations