Expert IT Services for the Hospitality Industry

Technology offers a vital role in modern hospital operations. By contributing a better technology to the hospitality industry we help to develop a hospital’s efficiency and enhance the quality of patient care provided. The adoption process with emerging technologies is dynamic and has a far-reaching effect on administrators and doctors.

Information and communication technology (ICT) connects healthcare practitioners as well as doctors with patients. Email, smartphones, telemedicine, and tele-monitoring systems are all used for information sharing and are especially helpful for more remote areas and regions where infrastructure and/or professionals are missing.

Health Information Technology, a broad term represents the technology and infrastructure used for recording, analyzing, and dispensing patient health data. Different technologies carry health record systems, including personal health tools, smart devices and apps; and, finally, information distribution and analysis communities.

Health IT enhances the reliability of health care delivery, improves patient safety, reduces medical errors and boosts patient-to-health care provider engagement. We provide accurate and inexpensive medical record applications at a low cost.

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Evolving with the industry know-how of 2 decades of UAE’s ICT market, Interdev Technology is one of the pioneer organizations in ICT system integration and IT infrastructure solutions in UAE, offering expert services across five domains of technology.