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Over the last few decades, a global culture largely focused on access to technology has emerged. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are increasingly accessible in several spheres of life to improve the immediacy and effectiveness.

In the fields of governance and public engagement, ICT holds particular promise. Governments started to adopt technology advancements for better governance and higher efficiency. Accordingly, Technological advances hold huge potential to strengthen the power of government.

Governments in various nations have gained remarkable development of e-government initiatives. E-government is the technology-enabling transition and modernization of governments to cut expenses, enhance accountability, and boost the provision of co-operation and international relations.

Any country’s growth is almost dependent on advancement in developing technology in various disciplines. The modern technology with young minds generates synergies in both information and usage of resources. IT offers improved organizational capabilities by decreasing costs and raising efficiency and enhancing the quality of services.

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Evolving with the industry know-how of 2 decades of UAE’s ICT market, Interdev Technology is one of the pioneer organizations in ICT system integration and IT infrastructure solutions in UAE, offering expert services across five domains of technology.