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Construction Technology has a set of numerous research procedures having dealt with technology implementations and prospects in the construction industry to improve the efficiency of projects.

Construction technology extends to the range of innovative tools, machinations, modifications, software, etc. used throughout a Project’s construction framework that allows for advancement in field construction methods, including semi-automated and automated construction equipment.

The analysis reveals that the adoption of advanced technologies will improve the productivity of the construction industry as well as enhance the consistency and performance of products.

Although the construction industry has not kept up pace with the technological advancements of other industries, automation has proven to increase most of the core areas including cost, schedule, quality, safety, and efficiency.

Digital engineering has proven to be a quite successful technology for boosting buildability, maintenance, functionality, safety, and efficiency while cutting costs and prices.

Certain industry-accepted innovations such as RFI, wireless and modern building technology have all offered industry significant benefits of efficiency, productivity, consistency, less redesign and better inventory control.

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