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We possess extensive experience in a wide range of technologies and are happy to drive your digital transformation in every way. “Our technology-trained business consultants can help you build solutions that allow agility, increase competitive edge, and make innovative strategies a reality. Some of our services include empowering cloud development and moreover enhance the functionality of everyday devices, assist in machine utilization and deep-learning algorithms, creating AI-based predictive models for fail-safe decision making and providing strategic guidance via our IT consultancy services and many more. We offer our support to your IT strategy, become your long-term business partner working with you side-by-side as your business develops and needs new or upgraded software products.

Standardization is the process of developing, promoting and possibly mandating standards-based and compatible technologies and processes within a given industry.

We are experts in technical standards implementation and development. The rival and incompatible approaches that compete in the marketplace can slow or even kill the growth of technology (a state known as market fragmentation). The shift to a modular architecture as a result of standardization leads to increased flexibility, rapid introduction of new products and the ability to meet individuals more closely.

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Hardware acceleration is the use of computer hardware specially made to perform some functions more efficiently than is possible in software running on a general-purpose CPU.

We contrive computing tasks in hardware to minimize latency and increase throughput. A technique in which a computer’s hardware is forced to perform faster than a typical central processing unit (CPU)'s regular computing architecture. It is used for functions and activities of heavy computation, such as graphics or video processing.

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A Security protocol also known as cryptographic protocol or encryption protocol is designed to allow secure communication under a given set of circumstances.

The cryptographic protocol most familiar to internet users is the Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL) protocol, which (with its descendant the Transport Layer Security, or TLS, protocol) protects credit card numbers and other sensitive information. Some applications of advanced security protocols are Blind signatures, Secure digital timestamping, End-to-end auditable voting systems and Deniable encryption.

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The purpose of Product Integration is to construct the product from the device components, ensure that the product, when assembled, performs appropriately, i.e. retains the necessary features and consistency characteristics, and deliver the product. Product Integration is more than just a one-time installation of the product components at the end of the design and manufacturing cycle. Incremental product integration can be achieved using an iterative method of installing, testing,& and adding further component parts. It can be conducted using highly automated builds and continuous integration of the completed unit tested product.

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IT Training is explicit to the Information Technology (IT) industry, or to the abilities fundamental for performing data innovation occupations. IT Training incorporates courses identified with the application, structure, advancement, usage, backing or the board of PC based data frameworks. That is the strenuous skills that employees need to perform their daily tasks and which managers can clearly evaluate in terms of proficiency.

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In the emerging post disruptive phase of the present industrial revolution, this offshoot of Interdev Group is advancing into a new realm of operations by increasing the portfolio of IT solutions encompassing cognitive products, Kubernetes solutions, and particularly: IoT-Home Automation, IoT-Industrial Automation, IoT-Healthcare Automation.

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