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What Kind of IT Consulting Firm Do You Need?

IT consultants that bring the most value are those with actual operating experience. INTERDEV has 20 years experience operating all types of IT environments. We currently manage thousands of devices for more than 1000 clients. It is this “depth and breadth” of skills that deliver more value to our consulting clients. Don’t be limited by selecting IT consultants with limited expertise or limited focus.

1. Technology Consulting:

  • IT performance improvement & Business process improvement
  • Capacity planning,management,Remediation, troubleshooting, and repair
  • IT infrastructure design and architecture
  • Microsoft Exchange support,Microsoft Office 365 migrations and management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

2. Strategic IT Planning and Consulting:

  • Aligning your business objectives to your IT infrastructure
  • Analyzing the ROI on your IT investments and Outsourcing cost analysis

3. Cloud Consulting:

  • Performance, Migration, Security, 24×7 management
  • Azure, AWS, design, configuration and 24×7 support
  • Virtualization migration and hosting

4. IT Security Consulting:

  • Cloud Security, Backup and disaster recovery plans
  • Regulatory and Compliance Management
  • Active intrusion protection, detection and Security monitoring

5. Apple and MAC Consulting and Support:

  • Compliance and security, Troubleshooting
  • Operating in a hybrid environment

What we offer in “Consultancy Services” Service?

With a legacy of two decades in providing IT solutions in the competitive global market of UA E, we are proud of our vast expertise in digitizing business landscapes for enhanced business productivity. Our premium IT consultancy services cover six major areas:

1. Custom solutions for competitive edge in the market

2. Productivity and business process optimization tools

3. Infrastructure analysis for cost efficiency

4. Demystifying IT complexities

5. Roadmap designing for strategic changes

6. Opportunity targeting for business efficiency

What is “Managed Service”?

It is an essential task of any business to ensure that every user can work without any downtime. From managing low priority activities like patch management to critical and high priority activities like network failures, you have to make sure that every activity is planned and managed effectively to align with your policies, processes, and compliance. A managed IT service is a proactive way to outsource certain process and functions relating to IT for enhanced productivity. By which you’ll be able to avail consistent support services from an IT service provider through a Service-Level-Agreement.

Making the Most of IT Managed Services

With our IT support and managed services, our clients are able to focus on their core competencies while we take care of IT services. Our extensive yet flexible suite of IT support Dubai offerings is designed to support your business objectives and make your life easier. From individual component technology to a complete network and service infrastructure, we can help you define the precise configuration of services required by you, without any unnecessary add- ons or blanket charge. With a fine-grained library of technologies and rich technological expertise, we can offer you top-class customer-centric services to meet your business goals.

INTERDEV takes on the ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and problem resolution for the IT systems and functions on behalf of our clients. Our managed services enable our clients to offload specific IT operations to INTERDEV. Offloading routine infrastructure management to experienced managed services provider like INTERDEV enables you to focus on running your business, with fewer interruptions due to IT issues. It also allows the client to realize the benefits from the latest IT infrastructure Dubai services and technologies, without having to worry about managing or maintaining them

Making the most of IT Managed Services includes balancing the potential rewards against the possible risks. Risks can be minimized by right-sizing the configuration to your business and technical objectives, choosing the right provider, and tracking performance.This guide will help you navigate the IT Managed Services landscape and understand the benefits of tailoring your outsourced solution including:

1. What is a Managed Services model?

2. The Benefits of Managed Services - Infrastructure Management

3. Reservations about Shifting to a Managed Services Environment

4. Balancing the Rewards with the Risks

5. Choosing the Right Vendor

6. Establishing and monitoring benchmarks and control

What we offer in managed services?

Our managed service provides our customers with the following features:

1. Zero or minimum downtime

2. Increased productivity of employees

3. Focus on strategic initiatives by management

4. Reduced time to implement and training

5. Optimized operations

6. Application and device monitoring

7. Remote management

8. Patch management and upgrades

9. Troubleshooting

10. Installation and de-activation

11. White List and black list of applications and urls

12. User registration and de-activation

13. Reporting

What is an “Annual IT Maintenance Contract”?

An annual IT maintenance contract is an option to avail a package of IT services at a fixed priced throughout the year. This package of services is customized to your specific business requirements and also includes access to the remote and onsite support services. The annual IT maintenance contract is designed based on the number of PCs, workstations, servers, printers, network devices and other specific needs pertaining to IT.

Our Annual Maintenance Services provide our clients with comprehensive support plans to address requirements of managing our client’s IT infrastructure – covering both the Edge-IT Infrastructure as well as Core-IT Infrastructure. Moreover, our services are fully customizable – and we can create a support plan just as required by our clients.

Our several years of expertise in providing support services helps us deliver SLA based Annual Maintenance Services for Desktops, Laptops, Server systems, Storage systems, Networking products and other peripherals – regardless of your OEM brand. What’s more, we have been identified by most leading IT brands as their authorized service provider – for meeting the highest service standards through strong commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. The overall performance and efficiency of your core business is largely affected by the performance and effectiveness of your IT systems. Whether it is your office network, telephony and communication systems or business critical user support systems, the optimum performance of your information technology infrastructure is essential to the optimum performance of your core business and its growth and development. Any breakdown in performance or downtime can result in long durations of unproductive beauty which can wreak havoc on your plans and strategies.

To subvert the circumstances and make the most of your IT infrastructure, you need a well maintained and well cared for system that always delivers optimum performance, and where issues are ironed out rapidly and before they get a chance to blow out of proportion. We ensure every AMC client receives the fastest response time through our transparent portal that monitors every activity throughout the engagement. With our IT Annual Maintenance Contracts in Dubai and the UAE, you will enjoy your own customized system giving you full visibility over your requests, infrastructure as well as all IT Assets covered by your AMC agreement.

To This managed services IT AMC grants you 24/7 access to a team of highly trained IT professionals that have scored an average response time of less than 30min for 100% of the clients. If you’re looking for the best IT support AMC company in Dubai, or the UAE, our highly-trained and certified technicians will assist you whether on-site or remotely to provide you with the best AMC service you can have. You will enjoy a very efficient, transparent, technology driven service without having to spend extra money or deal with manual processes.

What we offer in “Annual IT Maintenance Contract”?

Our “Annual IT Maintenance Contract” is a comprehensive package of services and includes many features:

Our managed service provides our customers with the following features:

1. IT helpdesk support: email and telephone-based it support

2. Troubleshooting: diagnosing and fixing problems servers and network hardware

3. preventative management: online system monitoring of your critical systems

4. Backup and restore: your business documents and files backed up securely

5. maintaining PC and server OS, application software whenever necessary

6. Network security: antivirus, firewall, updating and maintenance

7. Email systems: email applications, exchange server set up and management

8. Configuring network infrastructures such as routers and network switches

9. Supplier management: management of other IT equipment and service suppliers

10. Internet access: Management of broadband and Internet access services

11. Wireless: maintenance, set up and troubleshooting

What is “Remote Monitoring and Support Service”?

A remote monitoring and support service ensures an enhanced “Managed Service” for your IT service providers. Such remote monitoring and management services let your IT service providers to monitor your system remotely and proactively through the remote monitoring software.

Loaded to client’s business environment, these tools gather information in real time about the IT infrastructure and applications in the client’s location and track activity logs so as to resolve any potential or existing issues.Our remote monitoring UAE solutions are designed to enhance the overall performance of present technical support staff so clients can easily solve problems, diversify business, and deliver great service and delight customers.


It’s the age of technology, and no longer do organizations need to set individual thresholds or manage time-consuming maintenance. With years of experience, we have learned to determine the rules required to fix problems faced by organizations and improve operational efficiency. Significant work hours are lost when employees spend time on activities other than work. However, with a remote monitoring solution, you can easily monitor employee activities and keep an eye on them. With a proactive approach, we remotely monitor your IT infrastructure, including mobile, computers, servers, printers, and network devices, and get real-time updates that are analyzed by our expert team of technicians. INTERDEV’s remote monitoring Dubai solution is designed to improve your productivity and efficiency while monitoring mission critical network components.

With access to enterprise class technology, organizations can more easily monitor their IT operations, identify, report, and resolve critical issues in real time and keep business optimized with ongoing maintenance. As a comprehensive all-in-one solution, INTERDEV empowers businesses to support their internal, external staff and clients faster and more efficiently than ever before.Our remote monitoring and management services ensure that clients enjoy the following benefits:

1. Access to skilled resource pool

2. Reduced hassle of proactive maintenance and monitoring

3. Focus on core functionalities rather than worry about IT maintenance

4. No worrying about troubleshooting, and maintain servers and mobile devices

5. Deliver unparalleled services & Reduced Operational,Maintenance Cost

What we offer in “Remote Monitoring and Support” Service?

Our efforts to enhance the proactive management of your IT services is carefully achieved through “Remote Monitoring and Support” and it bring you many essential features:

1. Less necessary maintenance

2. Reduced downtime

3. Enhanced security

4. More productivity

5. Helps maintain client systems and keep them up to date

6. Helps track issues and resolve them remotely by generating tickets.

7. Helps resolve issues even before clients notice them

8. Helps remotely install software and updates using unified dashboard

9. Helps administer tasks simultaneously to many systems at once from a remote location

10. Helps automate scheduled maintenance tasks at clients' locations