With lots of experience in handling clients over the last 20 years, INTERDEV understands how the needs of the Manufacturing sector have changed.As observed, the Manufacturing Industry is moving steadily from mass production, selling products to selling embedded services, operational excellence to continuous innovation & efficient factories to intelligent ecosystems.Since we can observe this advent of the manufacturing industry we need to understand that the industry would require appropriate manufacturing software solutions in Dubai. The Industry lays importance on value creation, experiential customers & transformational technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things & Digital


INTERDEV holds a reputation for providing improved ERP software solutions, CRM software solutions as well as integrated systems to a large number of clients in Dubai. What entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry need to understand is that these software solutions can be of great help to their industry.These manufacturing solutions in Dubai have immense potential to improvise customer experiences that will certainly help in improving the profitability of the Industry.INTERDEV provides you with manufacturing solutions in Dubai that will help industries get into a single view of all your systems including accounting, inventory management & more.INTERDEV holds a reputation for providing improved ERP software solutions, CRM software solutions as well as integrated systems to a large number of clients in Dubai. What entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry need to understand is that these software solutions can be of great help to their industry.


INTERDEV understands that government and public sector agencies use network communications including VoIP and other IP-based solutions to accelerate decision-making, improve service effectiveness, and to protect citizens. In addition to the 24×7 requirements of public safety and EMS departments, more local governments are providing 24-hour services to citizens and always-on access for teleworkers and mobile end-users. INTERDEV helps local governments and public agencies strengthen their IT infrastructures, improve productivity, control costs and generate a positive return on investment in information technology. INTERDEV’S Managed IT and IT Security services help government and public sector agencies:


INTERDEV Managed ITand IT Security services help government and public sector agencies to Deliver comprehensive, secure infrastructures paired with responsive end-user IT support Find comfort in a fixed, known, affordable budget, Gain access to experienced staff with a wide range of skill sets, Obtain valuable end-user support to maintain productivity,Protect vital data against unauthorized access, Deliver Project Management services to complete projects on time and on budget,Offer procurement strategies leveraging manufacture channels specific to the needs of the government market , Achieve aggressive uptime SLA for your public safety requirements through our Service Response Plan, Assist with the development and maintenance of your business continuity plans, information security policy, technology use agreements, and data breach response plans


INTERDEV understands that contractors rely heavily on an information technology infrastructure. With new IT tools and applications, estimating, scheduling, and project management can be done on the job site or in the office. Blogs, cloud applications, web portals, and productivity tools can keep you, your staff, subcontractors and clients up-to-date and informed on key projects. In addition to this, the industry is heavily dependent on the timely supply of resources. As a result, it is critically important to manage risks and assets better, track multiple assets in real time, and streamline business operations. Leverage INTERDEV’s IT support services for the smooth running of operations.


Utilizing our experience supporting the technologies that run your critical core applications such as estimating, accounting, project management, document management, scale management, and ERP solutions. , We will simplify your operations so that you can improve your profitability by focusing on core construction business. ,We offer access to a highly trained, specialized staff to tackle complex technology challenges and secure your networks that contain intellectual property such as project bids or house specs as well as providing access to that information anytime from anywhere.With Interdev’s IT and business solutions, it is easier to adopt next generation technologies, including collaboration, intelligent decision making, mobility, and analytics. Get real-time visibility over cash flow Seamless collaboration across the supply chain Minimize construction delays Minimize cost & schedule overruns


With vast experience within the education sector, our knowledge, experience and overall commitment to enhancing and maintaining your systems makes us your ideal partner for all things IT.


The average education institution operates a vast array of networked computers, tablets and managed mobile devices, and with that number growing every year, planning for the future can prove a difficult enterprise.Today, schools and colleges are rightly demanding the same level of IT infrastructure, planning and support as any mid-sized business. This demand, alongside the education sector’s unique logistical requirements, means it can be a challenge to find the right IT solutions provider.INTERDEV have years of experience providing flexible IT support and consultancy to schools and colleges of varying sizes. We can provide 24/7 fully managed IT services for smaller institutions, including planning, network support and infrastructure management. For larger organisations with access to in-house IT, we can provide impartial advice and support when you need us